Causes Of Stove Broken Glass

When your home appliance is broken, what usually would you do? Appliance repair is an area that lends itself toward shady characters. Inventing additional appliance problems, forcing homeowners to get unnecessary repairs, or simply overcharging can all be common practices from disreputable appliance repairmen.

Does your wood burner stove gone in bad condition? And have you ever thought what reasons caused your stove broke?

You maybe meet such a bad situation, the glass of your wood burner broke. In fact, under correct and normal using introduction, the stove glass will not crack or break. Here are some causes of glass breakage. So if your stove glass breaks, before you take all the pieces out, take a look at where it broke. It may offer a clue to the cause.

Firstly, severe over-firing of the small wood burning stoves.

Secondly, impact (hitting the glass with a log, or slamming the door into a protruding log).

Thirdly, spilling cold liquids on hot glass.

Finally, improper glass installation.

However, the first three causes are obvious, the fourth cause bears comment. In most wood burning stoves, the glass is held in place with steel clips or a cast-iron or steel frame around the glass. There is a gasket between the glass and the door, but not always between the glass and the clips or frame. If the frame is over-tightened or unevenly tightened, especially in doors that use clips, the glass could break from stress.

When you’re in such situation, apparently, you need to replace the cracked or broken glass. If it has been a long time since you have re-gasketted around the glass, now’s a good time to do that, too.

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